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Too hot to handle!

Monitor and Record Temperatures up to +1820 °C. Typically used in applications such as:
  • Ovens
  • Furnaces
  • Egg Incubators
  • Temperature Chambers
  • Kiln

Cool, calm and collected!

Monitor and Record Temperatures down to -270 °C. Typical applications include:
  • Refrigeration
  • Freezers
  • Air Conditioning
  • Blood Storage
  • Cryogenics

Don’t break a sweat!

Monitor and Record accurate, stable and consistant temperature and humidity around the clock. Perfect for many applications including :
  • IT Server Rooms
  • Enviromental Chambers
  • Glass Houses
  • Storage facilities
  • Office environment


Environmental Monitoring and Data Logging Solutions

If you are unable to find the product you need, please call Jim or Ziko on +44 (0) 1376 344679

The EnviroMon system allows recording, monitoring and data-logging of various parameters on a 24/7 basis for example:


Enviromon monitors and sensors - Food and Drink Enviromon monitors and sensors - Industry and Manufacturing Enviromon monitors and sensors - Science and Nature

Alphatemp Technology are exclusive distributors of the EnviroMon environmental monitoring and datalogging systems from Pico Technology. Alphatemp have been a distributor for Pico for many years as well as supplying temperature sensors to Pico Technology and a number of other companies. is aimed at offering the entire EnviroMon data logging/recording range as well as the tools, accessories and software needed to install the systems.  Additionally it also includes complementary products and services that prove to be useful for a monitoring and data logging system.

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