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Food and Drink

Temperature recording and monitoring is vital in any environment where food and drink is stored. Enviromon Data recorders are the perfect solution to enable critical temperature monitoring of food storage in cold rooms, freezers and warehouses, in fact any food and drink storage environments, Enviromon Temperature recorders help to keep your products at the optimum temperature and warning you if they drop below or exceed your parameters. The temperature recorder can transfer data to a computer for long term storage and graphical analysis ensuring the user complies with environmental and health and safety regulations.

The Enviromon range of temperature recorders and data loggers can measure inputs from thermocouples, thermistors or platinum resistance (PT100 & PT1000) temperature sensors.

Handheld instruments are available for portable temperature monitoring, giving instantaneous readings, or they can be put into data logging mode where they not only display the readings on the screen but also record the readings in their on board memory, which can be then downloaded to the computer.Temperature recording and monitoring - Enviromon food and drink