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EL005 Logger with USB to serial adapter


EL005 logger with USB to serial adaptor.  Logger can store up to 250,000 readings.  Up to 15 converters can be connected to one logger.


El005 data logger with USB to serial adapter.  The EL005 logger is the starting point to any EnviroMon system and is required for every EnviroMon system.  It is initially programmed on the computer and can either be disconnected to log/record remotely or it can remain connected to the computer to see live readings. Up to 15 converters can be connected to the logger, it has 2 network ports , these ports are a used to network the converter units together.  The converters can be connected to one or both the network ports.  The network system uses a 4 wire system, one for power, ground and 2 data lines, this is the way in which the converters are powered.


EL005 Data Logger Specifications
Sampling rate 1 to 240 minutes per sample
Max number of readings 250,000
Max number of converters 15#
Max number of sensors 60#
PC Connection Serial port
Power 12 V DC (mains adaptor)
Battery backup Internal rechargeable NiMH cells

#The maximum number of converters and sensors will vary depending on the cable length and cable quality