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Science and Nature

Enviromon Data loggers are perfect in laboratories, egg incubators, plant harvesting and numerous other scientific and horticultural applications where temperature and humidity monitoring is critical.

Temperature control, humidity and air flow is often crucial for health, wellbeing and disease control when breeding animals and cultivating plants and drugs in laboratories.

Research and development in many industries such as agriculture and the environment is crucial for advancement and cost cutting.

Enviromon temperature and humidity monitoring equipment will help you advance your knowledge, leading to better practices, improving product quality, and yield.

Our environmental monitoring products are used extensivly across the industry, in laboratories to monitor, fridges, freezers and incubators, and in pharmaceutical storage, monitoring the temperature of warehouses that pharmaceuticals are stored in.

Our systems can monitor and automatically collect data on a 24-hour basis via external instruments and sensors. This allows for a comprehensive, accurate picture of the environmental conditions being monitored, such as air temperature and relative humidity.

All our data loggers come supplied with free software, offering graphing, spreadsheet views, scaling and exporting files.

As well as recording the environment data, EnviroMon can be configured to sound an alarm if a parameter goes out of range (high or low) or if a sensor fails.

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